Want a good cup of coffee? Go to Barnes & Noble Café.
Want to save on textbooks? Come to BookBee!

BookBee is an independent bookstore. We offer the same textbooks as the Barnes & Noble store on-campus. The big difference between BookBee and Barnes & Noble is that the books are cheaper at BookBee. In addition, we offer more used textbooks, which means more savings for you.

At BookBee, you are doing business with a family-owned, local business. Everyone at BookBee, from the owner and managers to the sales clerks, has attended UTB-TSC. What you spend at BookBee benefits the local economy, rather than going to a billion-dollar corporation.


• You don’t feed the parking meter at BookBee. Parking is free while you shop at BookBee.

• We buyback books year-round. Even if you bought the book somewhere else, you get the best buyback price at BookBee.

• We have everything you need for class: Scantrons, blue books, composition books, binders, pens and paper.

• In addition to credit cards, we accept StingCard, financial aid checks and program vouchers.

2168 E. Jackson, Brownsville TX 78520 Phone: 542-1902